Some smallish sketchbook watercolour studies! The odd brownish clumps in the first image are what gold ink looks like scanned. Normally I take photos when I use gold ink, but I didn’t really feel up to it today.

thebluecanary said: I have a Q if you don't mind! I was wondering, how do you get the gold ink to show up nicely in scans? When i scan my pieces with gold ink, it tends to just look a solid flat color. But also I'm using a different brand, so if you don't do anything, that might be it.

I don’t! Don’t get gold ink to show up nicely in scans, that is. None of my pieces with gold ink are scanned, they’re all photos taken with a fairly high resolution camera (it also helps that my drawings tend to be on the small side).

Scanning is useful for getting a flat image with no lens distortion and the appearance of having a sort of ambient light source, but that basically makes it useless for getting metallic accents, no matter what brand you’re using. My lighting setup for gold ink is one softened ‘fill’ light to light up the paper, and a smaller light source (I always use a cheap desk lamp) pointing to the paper at an angle, so that I can see the light reflected in the edge of the gold ink. Obviously, because the light reflected by the metallic parts is brighter than the light reflected by the paper, it will tend to darken and flatten the rest of the image. Some of that can be fixed with a little post-production, fiddling with the exposure, curves, etc., but hey, just experiment until you find something that works for you!

Commission of an OC for speedduck! Go look at the non-blinding instagram photo over here

instagram dump, PART VI(vi)

Commission for Joanna!

I don’t know if the 100% meme is still going around, but I got a question about what resolution I usually work at/how big my files are for digital illustration, and the answer is, fucking ridiculous resolutions. These are some 800x500 px, 100% resolution crops of recent work that is either digital or has enough digital finishing done that I can’t call it traditional. I also captioned each image with the pixel dimensions of the images the crops are from, but let it be known that the smallest image was originally 2000x2000 px.

Of the work that started in traditional media, the largest piece was roughly 6x8”. I scan everything in at 600 dpi (which turns into a 3600x4800 canvas, if you’re too lazy to work it out, except for the deer - for stuff with gold ink, I take photos, but it works out about the same) so that I have some paper texture to work with. They are so huge that you can see little blooms along the edges of lines where the ink bled into the paper.

I recently did an illustration for Karakasa Games's project, Thunderbeam! You can sign up to get more info/updates about the game here.

I had pretty much free reign on composition, so long as it included the two playable characters appearing in the demo that this image will accompany, was set in a jungle-type landscape, and included the statue. Also get a load of my overly detailed so-called sketches.

nyooor said: im going to cry that fanart u just posted is rly good. how are u so good a t drawings hands?????????


you might say that my hands

draw themselves

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gold ink+light digital colours experiments

I’ve been experimenting with bees and gold ink! Also my scanner crapped out, which is just as well because the ink looks better photographed than scanned.