Instagram roundup, PART III

I took a bunch of photos of that last picture while I was drawing, so I thought a progress-ish post might be fun.

Note that I am drawing on scrap paper AS PER USUAL

slowly trying to nudge myself away from my usual blues/purples palettes

I usually don’t upload coursework, but I’m incredibly happy with how this project turned out. Long story short, it is a sleeping bag and pillow set modelled off my little pink pencil case that you can see in pretty much all of the pictures. I’m planning on adding a few more pencil and pen pillows over the summer, and maybe sell some if I can figure out shipping.

Also, I can fit inside the sleeping bag along with all four pillows. It’s true! I am very small.

it’s time for another Instagram roundup!

Did you know that three years ago today I made my first tumblr post??


candles animoots

oof I never know what to do with fineliner inked drawings





The person who submits the best piece (Sequential, Pin-up or Written) will WIN ALL THE SWAG!

1) A Super Shakespeare Fighter II T-Shirt!

2) A copy of Kill Shakespeare VOL 1, VOL 2 and VOL 3!


3) Publication in VOL 4!


1) Must submit an original piece of art or written short using the Kill Shakespeare characters. Please tag with #Mask of Night Contest

 2) Deadline is May 31st for submissions.

THE DETAILS (how YOU can get published):

Here it is everyone!  Kill Shakespeare is launching a new series this year “The Mask of Night” and as tradition dictates the collected graphic novel will contain a back-up story. 

Why do I mention this? Because after our recent success finding the amazing viivus, we’re looking to tumblr again to see if there is another amazing sequential artist that can draw our back-up story!

Have you ever wanted to get your art published? Ever dream of working on a graphic novel, and who hasn’t? This is for you! 


We’re not just looking for a sequential artist for the graphic novel but we are also looking for PIN-UP artists to submit their take on the world of Kill Shakespeare! This is your chance to get your art into an IDW published comic!

If you’re not an artist and still want to enter the contest we want you too!

So, to enter pen an awesome piece about the characters in Kill Shakespeare! It could be a sonnet or a short story. Basically, anything that shows your love of the Kill Shakespeare Universe!

In case you’re not familiar with Kill Shakespeare, check out the first two issues HERE for free!

So Tumblr, let’s see what you got! Hurry and enter!



reblogging for all of my art friends who might be interested!

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Did a test print of A Cultivated Garden!

I’m hoping to have a small amount of copies for people who might want to buy this in print over the summer.