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Process work for pages 1 and 4, again for kill-shakespeare!

Not a lot of comments to add to these.

  • Everything except for the initial round of thumbnails was done in photoshop CS6.
  • I consider it a great victory that whoever did the lettering put the text in more or less the same spaces I allotted for speech bubbles and text boxes (although you can see that I underestimated how much space the text would take up for panel 3 on page 4, where there’s just barely enough room to squeeze in the text…). HIGH FIVE, MYSTERIOUS LETTERER!

So at the request of keithwtsmorris, here’s part 1 of my sketches/process work for the short story I illustrated for Kill Shakespeare, plus commentary!

All of these characters are from the comic proper, so for the most part all I had to do was make some base sketches to bring the characters into my style, and to reflect the prequel-ish setting. I did have pretty much free reign with Sycorax, who’s basically a tree in the comic proper.

A few thoughts:

  • I made Sycorax to be physically opposed to Lady Mac in a lot of ways. Lady Mac has a sort of glossy magazine cover sex appeal, and you don’t really need two of those characters in five pages so I made young Sycorax to be wide-eyed and kinda cute.
  • Sycorax is basically wearing a bastardized flapper dress, which gives her a silhouette distinct from Lady Mac’s long, elegant dress.
  • to make Lady Mac ‘younger,’ I tried to find standard depictions of Lady Macbeth in paintings, but the most solid, iconic image I could find with my light search was that greenish beetle wing dress. So I tried to strike a balance between elements of that dress (green and gold, the belt with a hanging bit) with KS Lady Mac’s usual appearance (big earrings, loose hair, a neckline that emphasizes the bust).
  • Will is basically referenced from paintings of Shakespeare, with a simplified doublet.
  • Prospero has a face??? Okay.
  • the last image is actually a style test I drew of Juliet before I went about trying to ‘design’ the other characters to work in my style.

If you’re already into the comic, Kill Shakespeare has an official tumblr! They’re going to be doing a giveaway/contest type thing soon, so keep an eye out for it.

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The Amazing viivus was our artist on the Kill Shakespeare Tide of Blood volume 3 TPB (out now This was the first designs that really knocked it out of the park! Hopefully Vivian will chime in and let you all know what her creative process is like? what do you say viivus

whoop, Kill Shakespeare stuff coming in the next few days! didn’t know I could start posting it now hurk

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I decided to dig up a really old WIP and finish it.

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