instagram dump PART IV (I keep posting instagrams in lieu of actual polished work but I promise I’ll have something nice to show soon)

Anonymous said: How did you get so good?

I trained in the darkness of night for a hundred years, lit only by the glow of my computer screen, to become the artist I am today.

Commission for May! Just look at these goddamn adorable characters.

poppy fields studies for a larger work

Instagram roundup, PART III

I took a bunch of photos of that last picture while I was drawing, so I thought a progress-ish post might be fun.

Note that I am drawing on scrap paper AS PER USUAL

slowly trying to nudge myself away from my usual blues/purples palettes

I usually don’t upload coursework, but I’m incredibly happy with how this project turned out. Long story short, it is a sleeping bag and pillow set modelled off my little pink pencil case that you can see in pretty much all of the pictures. I’m planning on adding a few more pencil and pen pillows over the summer, and maybe sell some if I can figure out shipping.

Also, I can fit inside the sleeping bag along with all four pillows. It’s true! I am very small.

it’s time for anotherĀ Instagram roundup!

Did you know that three years ago today I made my first tumblr post??