rikaneko said: Sometimes you strike gold in these late night shenanigans and sometimes…well…sometimes you wonder why you thought stepping in that pile of crap wouldn’t stain your shoe at all.

That is a very good way of putting it.

 mmemento said: WHy

A better question is why did I read that chapter three times to make sure I read what I thought I’d read



 slogbait said: HAhahaha

no don’t laugh at my pain…….


  1. rikaneko said: Haha, anyone’s fanfiction life in a nutshell. And yet we never stop going for that toe-poke in the crap. *sympathetic pain*
  2. makkon said: I was about to say you shouldn’t bother with fanfiction because cannon doesn’t do that to you, but then I remembered you’re a serious shipper. Of course you’d find the crack-fanfictions.
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