I got really sad just now because I downloaded itunes with the express purpose of actually buying GL:TAS episodes instead of pirating them (like a douchebag), and apparently they’re not available in the Canadian store. On top of that the newest episode doesn’t even appear to be up.



Gonna go back to drawing fanart and pretending that that is a legitimate form of support I guess


  1. quillery said: Yeah, iTunes usually doesn’t put episodes of anything up until at least a day after it airs, which sucks. I bought the soundtrack on amazon to feel less guilty about torrenting the show. :|
  2. mintyburps said: D’: … …
  3. hyamei said: so frustrated too /sob
  4. teaanemone said: I’m sorry D:
  5. great-name-leto said: Buy the dvd of the first season and then pirate your heart out.
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