I just played the first Ace Attorney game and oh my god I love everything. Also, I’m over a decade late to the party hi guys


  1. teddums said: days late reply but i just started playing them too ahh late to the party party
  2. virtanderson said: Now play the others. Trials and Tribulations is my favorite.
  3. oelm said: yesss WELCOME
  4. serana said: yES
  5. calonarang said: Haha, get ready! Every game is better than the last! :D
  6. fairymascot said: YES great life choices.
  7. dayuun said: oh my gosh SAME I have just started the second game now
  8. man-i-deserve-a-route said: yes you have joined the cult
  9. greengoateegal said: I am so excited for you!! I wish I could play the series all over again without knowing any of the plot…
  10. asiancowboygaymer said: HAH. welcome. welcome. you’re not too late.
  11. qinni said: Welcome welcome! Yes they are all so wonderful!!!! Also, you might like Professor Layton series too if you likes the Ace Attorney series. Those are my two fav -3- <3
  12. yolktuba said: welcome 2 tha party