qinni said: Welcome welcome! Yes they are all so wonderful!!!! Also, you might like Professor Layton series too if you likes the Ace Attorney series. Those are my two fav -3- <3

Ahaha I played the first three layton games when I was like, 18 and LOVED them, actually I’ve been mulling over getting a 3DS entirely so I can play future games.


  1. asiancowboygaymer said: GET THE 3DS. IT’S WORTH IT FOR THE MIRACLE MASK. ;_;
  2. parachuter said: I’m so glad you’re enjoying the AA games! (I’ve nearly finished the 3rd one myself) I’d definitely recommend getting a 3ds since there are currently a lot of wonderful titles, as well as promising ones being released in the near future!
  3. pizzachan said: YEA DO THAT, THEN U CAN PLAY AA5 WHEN IT COMES OUT…..
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