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Anonymous said: what exactly is pigment city?

It’s a webcomic, drawn by me, written by Flark.

Anonymous said: Heya Vivi. Listen, as an anon, I was curious to know where you got your copy of photoshop cs6? People have been telling me they've torrented it and I've been looking for cs6 for the longest time and I can't seem to find a free download or torrent of it. Please forgive me. I'm in need of a huge upgrade for creative reasons. :c

Sorry kid, my copy of CS6 is 100% legit. I believe I have the Adobe design and web premium package, with a student discount (I think it’s 60%?). It was a hella expensive birthday present (and I realize I’m extremely lucky to have a family that can afford it) which I plan to stick with it for a very long time, because Adobe is switching over to a subscription plan ($50/month for the suite, but it’s an annual commitment, so it’d be more accurate to say $600/year, or $360/year for students/teachers, or $240/year for photoshop only).

So if you’re not up to having Adobe attempt to suck you dry, other decent painting/drawing programs I’ve tried and can vouch for include:

  • Autodesk Sketchbok Pro ($60)
  • Manga Studio ($80)
  • Paint Tool Sai (5250 JPY, approx $60)
  • GIMP (free)
  • Opencanvas (version 1.1 is free, version 2 onwards is about $60)
I believe Sketchbook Pro has a 15-day trial, Sai has a 31-day trial, and Photoshop has a 30-day trial before you have to pay to continue using all features. Also, as far as I know Manga Studio doesn’t have a trial, I could be wrong - but I have a legit copy and god damn do its brushes feel good.
there’s also:
  • Firealpaca (free)
  • Mischief ($130)
  • Corel Painter 12 ($300, Painter Lite is $70, and a package with Painter Lite and a Wacom Bamboo Splash tablet is $100)

I feel it’s also worth mention that sometimes tablet packages will come with (slightly outdated) software (and sometimes software will be packaged with older tablets). I swear when I got my intuos3 a good 8 years ago it came with some old version of photoshop, and I know when you buy a Wacom tablet now there are some basic drawing programs that you can download through the Wacom site. It’s worth searching the internet for that information if you’re thinking of upgrading your tablet anyway.

I hope I helped! If anyone can chime in with more software options for this anon I can always edit them in.
Oh, also I feel that I should add that, uh, about pirating photoshop. Pirating any version of photoshop will often include downloading the regular version, installing it, and then breaking both the serial number (so you can ‘verify’ the software without having a legitimate number) and the internet updating system (which prevents the software from regularly checking the internet for downloads, which in turn can detect that there’s something amiss about your copy). So stick ‘crack’ or ‘cracked’ to the end of your search and you should be able to come up with something BOY I SURE HOPE I DON’T GET IN TROUBLE FOR POSTING THIS

Anonymous said: So judging by the last thing you posted on your deviantart, is it safe to assume that you're pretty much just active on this Tumblr?

Yep! I work tumblr-only these days. I got really put off of deviantart mostly because every time I’d post fanart there it would almost immediately start being reposted to tumblr and reddit, sometimes with credit, sometimes without. Not that reposting doesn’t also happen when I post tumblr-only, but it felt more discouraging somehow when I couldn’t track all the instances of my art floating around the internet. Which is weird, because by all accounts deviantart is a far more appropriate means for posting art. Common tumblr artist grievances like edited photosets or deleted captions/comments are impossible, and it’s far easier to organize a gallery. I guess I just don’t like putting effort into more than one platform at a time?

Anonymous said: are your deer girl illustrations done using the pen tool?

Nope, they’re all digital painting with a hard brush and not much blending. Due to my inexperience using paths and vectors it would probably take me two or three times as long to do these illustrations with the pen tool.

Anonymous said: 21 and 24

21. Bad art exists. It is out there, everywhere. It fails to draw connections between topics in any interesting or meaningful way, and in that sense bad art is like a bad analogy. If I said an expression like, ‘Steve is such a baby,’ you understand that by comparing Steve and a Baby I am making reference to some aspect of Steve’s behaviour being childish, that he’d be whining or complaining about something that grown individuals shouldn’t be complaining about. But if I said something like, ‘a bee is a wasp,’ you might just be under the assumption that I’ve made a mistake, because the things I am comparing are so close together. Likewise there is no extra meaning to be gleaned from comparing two things that people accept to have nothing in common, like, ‘a bee is like a table.’ The things are too far removed and you can’t really know what it is I’m getting at unless I qualify that with an extra sentence, like the punchline of a joke. There is some sweet spot in the degree of relation between the elements that you put into art that makes people somehow come out of it more ideas than they had going in, and there isn’t exactly a science to it, but I can spot a shitty metaphor when I see one.

Something like that anyway.

Anonymous said: 3, 4, 7, 10, 14, 23

Fuck that’s a lot of numbers but some of them I already answered so

4. I have absolutely no idea what defines my artistic style. I’m vaguely aware that I’m quite line-heavy, and my sense of colour is functional enough to compliment these lines.

7. You drive a hard bargain anon


Robert: Rosalind, is this really necessary?

Rosalind: I’m sure Dewitt won’t miss a bullet or two.

10. What I like most about my art is that my style is highly efficient for drawing great butts

Anonymous said: excuse me good tumblrite but it seems that you have more than your fair share of talent. in fact the amount you have right now is absurd and illegal. i am going to have to confiscate it.

You’ll have to catch me first


Anonymous said: viviiii what do you use to draw good? (ノ´∀`*)ノ

the blood of goats

Anonymous said: how about you take your puzzles AND GO FUCK YOURSELF WITH THEM ASSHOLE


Anonymous said: If it's not too much of a bother... could you... scan and upload some of those Lutece sketches? I really do love them. uvu

Actually, you’ve already seen quite a few of those sketches! They’re mostly scratch work for the shined-up Lutece drawings I’ve been posting (if you look at the page at the front of the stack, you can see the base drawings for Rosalind in a corset and another two for her with messy hair, as well as some attempts to do Professor Layton style Lutece). Provided I don’t spontaneously lose interest in drawing Lutece art, most of the sketches will likely make their way to my tumblr in completed form. It’s just part of my (probably inefficient) workflow.