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here are some crops from my piece in Blood and Chakra: a Naruto Fanzine! PREORDER IT HERE

god I love ninja dogs


I finally received my proof, so the "Of Blood and Chakra" zine pre-orders are officially open! So, so happy that this project finally pulled through, you guys are AMAZING. 

featuring works by:

ybee, viivuscat-monster,rockleaf, wuzidan, vickisigh, lingpingpong, kei-tea, strawberryjamm, snairmair, nanbamutta, runespring, bobademon, jununy, seasting, spicybara, suchirolle

organized by Yves and Addy

note to the artists: I’ll be mailing your copies of the zine to you soon. Thank you so much for participating! 

Preorder the zine here!

HEY GUYS CHECK OUT THIS SWEET ZINE, IT WAS MADE WITH THE FIRES OF YOUTH AND AN UNYIELDING PASSION FOR NARUTO!! EVERYONE WORKED HARD AND MADE SOMETHING AMAZING! Also, my picture is the one in the second last image that contains a total of 4 dog ninjas and 13 ninja dogs.

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Instagram roundup, PART III

bird lawyers

Cuties (second favourite VLR character!)

guess who my favourite VLR character is


What a weeaboo

(dialogue from here)

gonna put this here while I’m at it

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It’s my first Christmas in the Ace Attorney fandom wooooo

Wright Anything Agency + rain

The pages of this notebook are so thin that I can see faces on the other side of the page.