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Man just look at Tenzin’s warm-looking cloak/cape thing. (Someday I will learn to animate properly.)

They said it was impossible, but on that day, Lin Beifong learned to babybend

I needed to get this out of me so I could hunker down and draw some workstuffs tonight. And also because the next episode will inevitably deprive me of the visions of humorous domesticity I imagine for air temple island and that makes me sad.

Man Tenzin is going to have the BEST MORNINGS EVER living with three airbending kids, four teenagers, and a pregnant wife.

And by best I mean worst.

Also I have no idea why I actually coloured this, the sketch was probably good enough hurp

I like drawing airbenders because they wear parachute pants and capes.

Also Ikki and Jinora are THE BEST CHARACTERS