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Master sword fanart WHAT

I sure did choose an unfortunate pose for these guys to be sleeping in for the rest of their existence (and I guess Demise should be in there too).

Drawn for the good PocketMuffin at deviantart!

There was really no reason to have them genderswapped in this picture but damn drawing genderswaps makes me happy.

 meesaw said: More genderbent Zelda stuff? Maybe from OoT or TP this time?

I never actually finished OoT and have never played TP, so this is probably a bit of a copout. Slightly masculine Midna!

Originally wanted to draw a lady-Demise but man it turned out weird.

Made some changes and reuploaded the picture, but it doesn’t seem to have propagated through reblogs. Oh well! This is what I get for using tumblr.

I swear someday I will make a skyward sword comic that is 1. not drawn in a terribly overworked manner and 2. not just a rehash of events from the game.

I made little fireshield earrings. Simple, comfortable, and subtly nerdy. Perfect. I am wearing both of them right now.

I might take a second pass at making these because the hinges are kind of messy. Anyway, sterling silver wire and red apoxie sculpt.

Gotta flex my painting muscles sometimes.

Anonymous said: genderbent ghirahim being sassy at genderbent link?


I was genderbending the other day and then this happened.

My mind is a strange and unfunny place.

Link stop being a jerk.