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It’s still the 31st here so this is STILL IN TIME FOR HALLOWEEN

Also, bloodbending.


I call this, ‘The Legend of Mako,’ part one of WHO KNOWS HOW MANY but I have enough ideas for two or three more of these comic sets. Yes, instead of scanning those mako comics I mentioned forever ago straight from my sketchbook I went out of my way to rewrite and redraw them into two-row chunks. I don’t know if that makes it any more or less funny.



Oops I scanned in a Lin Beifong and metalbenders comic instead of the Mako ones

I wonder if Lin ever messes with/scares the new recruits?

My…Lin art? Blurred…colours? I’m not 100% sure which drawing you’re talking about since I’ve got a bunch of Lin drawings, but I’m going to make an assumption based on this being the one Lin-only drawing I’ve posted that’s kind of painted, and because I got this ask at about the same time as a bunch of notes for this drawing. So prepare for a rant about my colouring process OH JOY

Here’s my lineart layer, inked with a ballpoint pen and probably a black marker to help fill in the solid black areas, I can’t remember right now. First thing I do after scanning and minor cleanup is separate the lines from the background. To do that I duplicate the blue channel (though you can really duplicate any channel on RGB mode), go to select—>load selection, select your duplicated channel and check the invert box. Now your darks should be selected and you can go ahead and fill them in. There is one reason that I do this instead of just setting the lineart layer to multiply, and that reason is because I can now lock the transparency of the pixels on my lines layer and colour them.

Granted, I usually don’t colour my lines until after I’ve done my flat colours. But it’s a lot easier to see where I’ve coloured the lines like this.

Unfortunately I can’t actually walk you through the colouring directly because it looks like I did the bulk of it on one layer. Basically I started with flats and picked a shadow and a highlight colour for each area. The shading’s not quite solid because I used a brush with flow and opacity control turned on, it’s probably easiest to see the base, shadow and highlight colours around the face.

Then I slapped an overlay layer under the lineart to give a very slight green light coming from the left and to add some pink/red to the skin.

Lastly, an overlay layer on top of all the other layers. I’m a giant cheat and use a gradient with a light, warm colour around where the light source of my drawing is and a darker, cool colour in the shadow.


(The final secret is that I made videos of myself putting on a coat in a rather underwhelming manner as reference for this drawing.)

(…Yeah that ask was about another drawing wasn’t it?)

(Sorry danielsherv!)


This is the definition of a joke blown outta proportion. 

I just wanted to draw something so I could joke that the ship would be called Bollin but then I accidentally started to think it was cute and I just love drawing older Bolin and um. 

'if you were a year younger I would go to jail'


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While all you cool kids are off to comiccon I am here at home drawing dumb comics.

Seriously though Mako’s coat is like some weird pseudo-hanbok thing and I can’t decide if it looks good or not. STRUT YOUR STUFF MAKO

(Also the greenish scarf featured here is based on one that I own but have never worn, because it looks…questionable. And lumpy.)

Kind of having a slow day today.

(And no, Spiderlin, I don’t know why I am drawing you. Sorry about that.)

Lin is the boss again? Great.

Inking with brushes and brush pens is a mystery to me.

Yep, this sure is a thing I’m workin’ on.