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I tried to go with stuff that isn’t fanart to fill in all the squares, but apparently I dropped the ball in April riiight at the beginning of my Lutece obsession.

2013: year of the deergirls (and my bro Mintyburps)

Anonymous said: 21 and 24

21. Bad art exists. It is out there, everywhere. It fails to draw connections between topics in any interesting or meaningful way, and in that sense bad art is like a bad analogy. If I said an expression like, ‘Steve is such a baby,’ you understand that by comparing Steve and a Baby I am making reference to some aspect of Steve’s behaviour being childish, that he’d be whining or complaining about something that grown individuals shouldn’t be complaining about. But if I said something like, ‘a bee is a wasp,’ you might just be under the assumption that I’ve made a mistake, because the things I am comparing are so close together. Likewise there is no extra meaning to be gleaned from comparing two things that people accept to have nothing in common, like, ‘a bee is like a table.’ The things are too far removed and you can’t really know what it is I’m getting at unless I qualify that with an extra sentence, like the punchline of a joke. There is some sweet spot in the degree of relation between the elements that you put into art that makes people somehow come out of it more ideas than they had going in, and there isn’t exactly a science to it, but I can spot a shitty metaphor when I see one.

Something like that anyway.

Anonymous said: 3, 4, 7, 10, 14, 23

Fuck that’s a lot of numbers but some of them I already answered so

4. I have absolutely no idea what defines my artistic style. I’m vaguely aware that I’m quite line-heavy, and my sense of colour is functional enough to compliment these lines.

7. You drive a hard bargain anon


Robert: Rosalind, is this really necessary?

Rosalind: I’m sure Dewitt won’t miss a bullet or two.

10. What I like most about my art is that my style is highly efficient for drawing great butts

qinni said: teehee: Show us your oldest piece of art you have on hand.

Straight from deviantartland:


Christ, how old was I, 13 I think?

Anonymous said: Eight and a half out of ten.

Anonymous said: I aspire to be like you~

Anonymous said: I adore your style! and you seem to have such a friendly and easygoing attitude. I hope I can capture drawn forms as well as you do someday!

Anonymous said: I went through your entire tumblr the other day because I was so smitten with all of your art and your personality and everything and I'm really excited to see more from you! I was also super happy to find out you were the artist who drew some of my fav Korrasami art, rock on

Anonymous said: In denmark there is a loan service called vivus.