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I stayed up until 4 again to finish weird art because I don’t think I can stand to look at this for another day because I hate painting augh

Designs taken from IsisT’s Tarrlok+Noatak AU.

Also boy did I make Noatak pale


Redemption Island

Originally these were gonna be humorous comics about Tarrlok and NoatokĀ strandedĀ on some uninhabited island together, but those will come later because I got caught up in color schemes and brotherly bonding.

Oh my god the flowers in Tarrlok’s hair crack me up

(Reblogged from millionfish)

I’m actually really nervous about posting these pages since the first page stood alone so well and was really well-received, but I finished, so here they are. My favourite pages ended up being the first and fifth, entirely because the colours were fun (and looking at my own stilted dialogue kind of kills me inside).

I like to think that if they had enough time, these bros could have made amends. Slowly, maybe, but an apology that’s more genuine than ‘I’m sorry for what I had to do to you’ is a start.

I just have so many feelings about Tarrlok and my questionable ability to write about them augh

Now I need to figure out how to add the text I wrote for this.


I hope these fabulous bending brothers are off happily penguin sledding in the spirit world.