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This is the definition of a joke blown outta proportion. 

I just wanted to draw something so I could joke that the ship would be called Bollin but then I accidentally started to think it was cute and I just love drawing older Bolin and um. 

'if you were a year younger I would go to jail'


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Redemption Island

Originally these were gonna be humorous comics about Tarrlok and Noatok stranded on some uninhabited island together, but those will come later because I got caught up in color schemes and brotherly bonding.

Oh my god the flowers in Tarrlok’s hair crack me up

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WOW this took way longer than it should have. I really need to learn how to keep things messy and loose so I can get ideas out faster.

I really don’t know how I feel about the colors, but I fiddled with them for at least an hour so I think it’s time to step back and call this finished :|

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You know when you work on something so long that you start to question if it even makes sense anymore? That’s this. I can only hope it’s understandable, awkward writing and grammer and all.

I wanted to try to communicate how much I think Lieutenant admired Amon.

Millionfish you make the best comics.

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