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oof I never know what to do with fineliner inked drawings

Did a test print of A Cultivated Garden!

I’m hoping to have a small amount of copies for people who might want to buy this in print over the summer.

Small ink drawings are relaxing (although this one’s not that small, it’s about 4” across).

Scrapped panel/cover idea for A Cultivated Garden that I went and finished anyway.

A couple WIP shots of my minicomic that I posted to instagram.


Here’s a 4 page preview of my first ever minicomic! I also posted a fifth in-progress image earlier. The full 13-page comic is available on Gumroad for a dollar.

Go take a look!

working on a minicomic

period thoughts

A bouquet with no flowers.

I decided to dig up a really old WIP and finish it.