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Somewhere in some alternate universe

Yep, this sure is a thing I’m workin’ on.

"Those people, in the portrait. They look so…familiar.

Traditional art commissions all December!

See those samples up there? Now that all of my classes are over and I’m free, I’m doing a GIANT ART THING similar to what I did last year, where I do traditional media drawings like these and mail them out for cheap! I kind of feel bad about being wishy-washy last year and saying I might add colour highlights to greyscale drawings, so this year I’m putting out two solid options: greyscale drawings, and colour drawings.

Greyscale drawings will be done on 4 1/2” x 6” pieces of what was sold to me as bristol-vellum (100 lb/260 GSM), in cool and/or warm greyscale markers and ink. I do these at $10 a pop, plus another $5 per additional character on the same drawing.

Colour drawings will be done on 5 1/4” x 6” pieces of this stiff light brown paper I can’t identify, but it takes gouache, pencil and watercolour. Also note that because I’m using nice pressed paper half the sheets I cut out will have a deckle edge on a long side of the sheet. It’s a product of how the paper is made, and what the last photo up there is. If you have a preference for or against it, just tell me. Anyway, these will be $20 each, plus another $10 per additional character on one drawing.

I worked out the shipping on these suckers and it’s not much, so no shipping fee, although if you want to get the pictures before Christmas (as was the case for some people last year) keep in mind shipping will take at most 7 business days. Lastly, paypal is heavily preferred for payment.

Send me an email at vviinng[at] or drop me a note through deviantart and we can get started! Happy holidays, everybody! And also thanks for 600 followers! I haven’t had the chance to draw something to thank you guys yet, but that is in the works, I swear.

I am probably one of the only people who thinks the Ratman is really cool.

I’m sorry Chell I screwed up your cute nose augh

I think I started drawing with the intention of making humanified version of the co-op bots. But apparently my love of drawing ROBOTS is too strong. Durp.

On another note, hey there new followers! I hope you are prepared for lots of…well, more of this.

When I play co-op with my friends this stuff happens.

P-Body stop being such a jerk.

These crossover comics don’t even have punchlines, because I am lame. And unfunny. In fact these comics barely even have dialogue my writing ability is so poor, herp.

Boy do I love Atlas and P-Body.

In my mind P-Body is a lady robot as much as GLaDOS is a lady robot (whatever that may mean), but this does not change the incredible bromance of Atlas and P-Body in the slightest.

So many turrets. Also Chell.

Soprano turret is the best turret. Animal King turret is pretty cool too.