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Anonymous said: How did you get so good?

I trained in the darkness of night for a hundred years, lit only by the glow of my computer screen, to become the artist I am today.

Help, I need to find a tumblr post and my installation art final assignment mark might depend on it — (I am an intensely disorganized person and liked the post, but I have so many damn likes that I can’t find it)

I remember not too long ago there was a post circulating with some drawings/illustrations of a tiny person, working on a tiny laptop propped up on an eraser or something (the person was like as tall as the eraser), writing with a huge pencil, etc. I think the comment/caption was something along the lines of working on a project that was slowly turning into being about life after grad school?

EDIT: haha wow you guys answer fast, thanks a bunch!!


Here’s a 4 page preview of my first ever minicomic! I also posted a fifth in-progress image earlier. The full 13-page comic is available on Gumroad for a dollar.

Go take a look!

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god damn I am so much more excited for a second season of gravity falls than a second season of korra

Sometimes I get a bit sad that my art went almost entirely in the direction of western comics styles. I wonder if 12-year-old me would be disappointed that I’m not drawing anime…?

For some reason drawing Phoenix Wright and Miles Edgeworth is reminding me A LOT of my high school drawings of Isshin Kurosaki and Ryuuken Ishida. Like, I’m pretty sure I’m giving them the exact same facial types. Not that I’m ever posting my high school shame art for comparison ha ha ha

Oh god I’ve watched 14 episodes of Elementary in one day and I haven’t drawn a single thing I NEED TO STOP

Hnnggrrk I just have this mad urge to write an entire essay about the story in bioshock infinite and what I think it was trying to do like some lame high school english student

note that the lame high school student is me and not bioshock infinite, I think bioshock infinite is a cool and reasonably intelligent thing storywise

  • Flark: You are a demon
  • Vivi: what how
  • Flark: no one can eat doritos and draw
  • Vivi: well
  • Vivi: I am satan
  • Flark: I knew it

I’m glad I’m close enough to ambidextrous that I can eat these doritos with chopsticks in my left hand and draw with my right hand at the same time