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qinni said: you’re so cuuute :D. are those chinese words behind you? what do they say? *curioussss*

My mom tells me it says “the gospel will be passed on forever”, and the other side of the doorway has the matching red tag that says “God’s love will endure”. I think we hung them up like three (weirdly Catholicism-influenced) Chinese new years ago and never took them down?

Also ♥♥ omoiiki

 omoiiki said: So cute! Are those hoop earings??

Nah, they’re these tiny little pyramid earrings I made. I tend to draw them really huge even though they’re actually barely noticeable.

hon, you should definitely go to bed then if you’re feeling dizzy from the sleep deprivation D:

dizzy, shivering all over, and my hands and feet are freezing

I don’t get how people can pull all nighters, sleep deprivation is awful

yubishines said: you do realize this looks like stills from a magical girl transformation sequence, right?

I just had visions of a hobo-phoenix —> GS5 phoenix transformation sequence

If I ever end up burning hours of my life on making that a reality it is all your fault.

shoomlah said: You draw it so perfectlyyyyyyy <3



jakface said: you do it so flawlessly… i always have to give him pecs for some reason HAAHAHA

teaanemone said: I love how you and minty’s style have sort of a similar flair, it’s p cute :3c

it’s a (chinese) Canadian thing

you too can learn our ways now that you live here

hawkwardly said: and it’s DAMN GOOD bleach fanart. team hot dad 4 life

Bleach is literally the first series ever where I went WHOA THERE main characters move over so I can look at your dads

Bleach totally went to shit BUT THE DADS ARE STILL HOT except in the flashbacks where they are less hot but NEVERMIND THOSE



cspainey said: Oh my god that 4th one, I actually burst out giggling XD

4 is my FAVOURITE out of that batch

blindsprings said: I am still in the soft non contrasty phase, I really enjoy both!!! But man that newest panel is so so lovely !!!!

The hell are you talking about? Your comic pages look GREAT

also thank you aahh