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I drew more stuff for homestuck

In hindsight I should have polished the poses and given them more expressions (and actually redrew the bodies instead of moving things around)


Still trying to loosen up those lines

In other news, I am finally caught up with homestuck! Yet I still only care about the first kids hurp.

I was asked to draw some things for Jit’s solo album, One Year Older which you can get over here. It was fun working with you, Jit!

I knew that the album would be about John, so Jit and I agreed on this image of Dad Egbert celebrating John’s 13th birthday, and passing him this symbolic cake with the heir of breath symbol. I was really hoping to be able to write the album title on the cake itself but it kind of got pushed off onto the cake board, where it is barely visible in the thumbnail. Whoops!

The art for the ‘unlabelled’ track is like a continuation of the cover. From what I remember Jit told me that all of the other tracks refer directly to John at some point in Homestuck, but this one did not. And it’s kind of in the middle of the album so we put that one down as a kind of ‘intermission’ track. And by intermission, we apparently mean party with all the characters taking a break from the plot, enjoying cake and not trying to murder each other. Also, the gramophone’s a reference to the page the track appeared on.

Drawing 16 characters (17 if you include Dad in the back) interacting with each other in a small square while keeping them all recognizable AND still having John as the focal point is hard. Which is why the style’s so different from the cover even though it’s meant to be a continuation - I just couldn’t distinguish all the characters from a thumbnail without the solid, bright colours and cutesy style!

Also, I hope you all caught my nod to March Eridan in the back there.