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Help, I need to find a tumblr post and my installation art final assignment mark might depend on it — (I am an intensely disorganized person and liked the post, but I have so many damn likes that I can’t find it)

I remember not too long ago there was a post circulating with some drawings/illustrations of a tiny person, working on a tiny laptop propped up on an eraser or something (the person was like as tall as the eraser), writing with a huge pencil, etc. I think the comment/caption was something along the lines of working on a project that was slowly turning into being about life after grad school?

EDIT: haha wow you guys answer fast, thanks a bunch!!

Just posting to let you guys know that I’m still alive (vaguely)! I haven’t had time to polish up any art because I’m in the last legs of my BFA, provided I don’t flunk any courses. So in two weeks I WILL SEE YOU ALL ON THE OTHER SIDE OF MY EXAMS AND ESSAYS!!

Got a couple of asks about the pen I was using for these drawings, so here are the pens I’ve used recently. I’ve been really taken with the uni-ball vision series because I like the feel of ballpoint pens, and so far all pens I’ve used have had pretty consistent flow. The coloured inks are still vibrant when I water them down with my pentel aquash brush pen (on the left), and when they’re dry, they’re waterproof, so I can put down other wet media without worrying about disturbing my lines.

(my current favourite is the third from the left, the blue vision fine, which feels SUPER BUTTERY and looks really nice on a smooth cartridge paper. YEAH)

I tried to go with stuff that isn’t fanart to fill in all the squares, but apparently I dropped the ball in April riiight at the beginning of my Lutece obsession.

2013: year of the deergirls (and my bro Mintyburps)

Researching for art history papers at 2am

actually no, just researching for papers in general

I saw someone tag that franziska/simon picture as ‘black karma.’

thank you friend I am stealing this name

the candy I was using as reference for that last drawing was just sitting there tempting me, so I ate it

I made a deer plushie out of felt to test out a pattern I drafted. Overall I’m pretty happy with it (especially the nose and ears) though I’m obviously gonna have to make some changes.

(also please excuse my greasy face, it’s past midnight and I just finished sewing this thing)






urgh can’t art

I LIKE THIS ART you’ve led us to our doom


If I die when this party wagon crashes in a blaze of glory, at least I will die happily surrounded by cats

I am most likely to end up blasting off again, please take care of my cat until I return 

oh my god

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