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Minty: or maybe CLASS IN A GLASS

Minty: badass lass with class in a glass.

Minty: sass.

Viivus: I don’t know what you just said but I had visions of tahno posing suggestively in an oversized wine glass


…for now…

Also I have discovered my inner Tahno/Ming shipper

I’m kind of embarrassed to put this under the Tahno tag because it barely looks anything like him (or if I am to believe this is a genderbent Tahno, her).

Painting is hard etc. blinding colours also I have a detail shot so you can stare at my weird brushwork

Why the actual hell do I keep drawing ladyTahno in situations where regular Tahno would probably have been just as appropriate

Coloured this bit for kicks

Aw yeahhh

I present to you, the worst Mako faces known to man.

Philosophy lecture drawings always contain so much weirdness, it’s great. And maybe a little terrifying.

Okay that’s probably enough stupid overlay layers for one day

(I guess this is genderbending? Maybe?)

Looks like it’s another ‘what am I drawing’ night.

Wolfbats chillin’ in the swamp. Also, stop messing with the catgator Ming it’s freaking Shaozu out.

Almost forgot to mention, I shamelessly stole the idea for this from some post quillery made. And then I kind of ran from there.


WOW this took way longer than it should have. I really need to learn how to keep things messy and loose so I can get ideas out faster.

I really don’t know how I feel about the colors, but I fiddled with them for at least an hour so I think it’s time to step back and call this finished :|

(Reblogged from quillery)